Empowering Israel’s Manufacturing Industry: Enhancing Production Capabilities

Empowering Israel’s Manufacturing Industry: Enhancing Production Capabilities Empowering Israel’s Manufacturing Industry: Enhancing Production Capabilities Empowering Israel’s Manufacturing Industry: Enhancing Production Capabilities As Israel grapples with the economic fallout of regional conflicts, the manufacturing sector stands at a crucial crossroads. The need for a strong and independent industry has never been clearer. The ongoing unrest has […]

The Future of CNC Machining: Collaboration Between Humans and Robots

In our first article about the future of CNC machining, we briefly introduced how robots could integrate into the industry. Now, this article will delve into more detailed and fascinating insights on the subject. The evolution of CNC machining is marked by an extraordinary partnership between humans and machines. Cobots, at the forefront of this […]

The Future of CNC Machining: AI & ML

In our first article on the future of precision machining, we skimmed the surface of how AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are on their way to changing the future of machining. This follow-up article delves deeper, revealing concrete data and real-world applications that highlight the significant impact of these technologies. Today, the integration […]

The Future of CNC Machining

The Future of CNC Machining in the Israeli Industry CNC Technology Gearing Up for a Renewed Future! A Peek into the Next Decade: Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Advancements in AI and machine learning are revolutionizing CNC machining. As CNC machines become more intelligent, they’re able to […]

The History of Machining

Over the last century, Man has learned to utilize more and more natural resources, developing more and more ways to convert one form of energy to another. This process is called “The Industrial Revolution”. The Industrial Revolution is the transition to modern manufacturing methods. It began around 1769 and continued until sometime between 1820 and […]

Machining with a Conventional Lathe and Milling Machine

This time we have enclosed a beautiful video showing the creation of a brass part using conventional machining equipment: a Sieg C4 lathe and a Sieg Super X3 milling machine. For those who are not machining professionals, the video nicely illustrates the difference between milling and turning (in turning the raw material rotates, whereas in […]

Advanced Optical Measuring Instrument (ATOS Compact Scan)

We are proud to inform you that we have recently purchased an advanced optical measuring instrument (ATOS compact scan) for Hi-Tech Mechanics and for Hi-Tech Engineering Planning and Developing. This device increases the accuracy of measurements and makes it possible to quickly measure every element of the part, particularly in parts that are very complex. The device is […]

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is in fact an iron alloy with a minimum of 10.50% chrome. The chrome produces a thin oxide layer on the metal’s surface, which prevents corrosion. Increasing the amount of chrome increases protection against corrosion. Other ingredients are added as well, in order to enhance the alloy’s structure and properties. The main requirement […]

Titanium – The Metal of the Gods

Titanium is a very unique metal – it is stronger than steel but much lighter.It was named “titanium” for a good reason – after the Titans, the giant deities from Greek mythology. In addition, it has excellent protection against rust – even better than stainless steel (later in this bulletin we will expand on this […]

The Quality Control Department of Hi-Tech Mechanics

We will now present you our quality control team. At Hi-Tech Mechanics we have three production halls, two quality control labs, and a quality control team comprised of 6 certified quality controllers. Quality control is performed on the Set-Up stage as well as after production is completed. Each of our quality control labs contains advanced […]