Machining with a Conventional Lathe and Milling Machine

This time we have enclosed a beautiful video showing the creation of a brass part using conventional machining equipment: a Sieg C4 lathe and a Sieg Super X3 milling machine.

For those who are not machining professionals, the video nicely illustrates the difference between milling and turning (in turning the raw material rotates, whereas in milling it is stable and the chipping tool rotates).

The machines in this video are not intended for industrial use. They are known as “watchmakers’ machines” and are used by relatively small workshops.

Note that at a certain point the operator changes cogwheels in the machine – right before making the part’s thread. This is done in order to achieve the accurate required ratio between the raw material’s rotation speed and the blade’s progress speed. More advanced machines do not require this to be done.

Additionally, note that the operator uses a vacuum cleaner to clean the brass chips. Of course, using a vacuum cleaner is not suitable for a large industrial plant, especially because brass chips resemble crumbs. Chips of other metals such as aluminum or steel need to be handled differently of course.


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