Machining Factory

Hi-Tech Mechanics

Hi-Tech Mechanics manufactures unique and exceptional machining items using
CNC milling and turning, to various industries.

Hi-Tech Mechanics is one of the big and experienced machining factories in
Israel, since 1997.
The factory is built for massive mass-production.

The factory is built for massive mass-production

The production lines of Hi-Tech Mechanics are composed from Mazak machines
only (Mazak is the common name in the western world for the Japanese corporation Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, which deals with manufacturing of machining machines). These machines are controlled by the Unique computer language imposing strict procedures.

technical level

The factory maintain the highest technical level and is using 3, 4 and 5 axis
machines – turning and combined machines (turning and milling).

The maximum

Up to 40,000 RPM spindle speed, With maximum piece size of about 300mm x 500 mm.

The final quality

The final quality of the items is of top importance, so every item gets an individual treatment, until getting a very high finish level.