The Quality Control Department of Hi-Tech Mechanics

We will now present you our quality control team.

At Hi-Tech Mechanics we have three production halls, two quality control labs, and a quality control team comprised of 6 certified quality controllers.

Quality control is performed on the Set-Up stage as well as after production is completed.

Each of our quality control labs contains advanced testing equipment:

A compactor by the Baty company with a Metronix
computer system.

A CMM (coordinate measuring machine) by Mitutoyo (an XYZ machine) controlled by the GeoPak software.

Every gauge necessary for production – thread gauges, pins, Johnson blocks (for measuring width) 

Height gauges by Tesa – up to
900 mm – with all probe types.
Granite Table.

A surface quality gauge by Hommel, all calibers, micrometers, phasometers, a coating thickness gauge by Elcometer and more. suitable vendor accordingly. 

We also take the customer’s requirements into account and purchase any necessary equipment if we don’t have it.

Since December 27th, 2000 we meet the ISO requirements and pass the inspections every year.
Additionally, since 2014 we meet the requirements of the aviation standard AS9100-C.

Our quality system is fully interfaced with Kitron, our ERP system, and all reports are 100% computerized, clear and easy to read. table vendor accordingly.

We are stringent about maintaining an extremely high degree of quality, and have the best QC equipment available and highly professional personnel.


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